Unlock the Patient & Provider Experience to Transform Healthcare

SafeSpace Features


Leadership Training

We train on cutting edge strategies on systemic change and Leadership in Healthcare

Environmental Scan

We go deep into your organization to understand the DNA underlying the issues & challenges that prevent change

SafeSpace Software

We onboard and train your key stakeholders into the Safespace Network to report issues in a Safe & Secure online Portal & App

Custom Dashboards

We create custom dashboard for data processing and decision making to assist executive teams

Media Coverage

Why is healthcare change so hard?

Reporting a concern is risky to patients and providers.  Research takes a long time to influence change.  The system is overwhelmed. 

Every healthcare organization needs a SafeSpace process for change.  How can we help?

Map the Harm - Prevent the Spread

Healthcare changes, when the people speak up. Map your story with us.

Safe Reporting to amplify your voice.

Why should change put you at risk?

Our system enhances your credibility while protecting your privacy.  

Your voice creates system learning and systemic change.

The power of the individual is amplified on SafeSpace.  You are not alone.

Are you a healthcare organization, clinic, or hospital wanting to enhance your organization's patient safety program?

Join the SafeSpace network

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